Wednesday, 4 July 2007

M & S Pig Out!!!!

I got a £10 gift voucher at the work awards on Friday so today I went and splurged on lots of lovely M & S food! I've eaten a bit already- not a lot, but still a bit. I bought:

  1. Strawberry Paviolla (s.p?) Ice cream
  2. Cookies and Cream Ice cream
  3. Cheese and Chive Crisps
  4. Focaccia Selection (Italian bread)
  5. Blueberry and oat Cookies
  6. Four blueberry Muffins

Yum!!!! :P (licking lips)

I also bought two bags from Primark (You can never have too many bags). Unfortunately Peacocks was closed (until tomorrow) so I will have another look for even more bags in there soon.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Monday Again

<- Painted my me. :)

I'm sitting here enjoying my second week of my summer holiday. I was going to go to town to buy a new bag-my other one has been "torn apart" so I could see if the £10 I lost a while ago had got between the lining and the outside part of the bag. I didn't find the £10.... and mum lost £10 the other day- I suspect it was my brother.... it could only be him.

I also have the £10 gift voucher from work to spend at Marks and Spencer. I will probably just buy some nice food....

Turns out that in Doctor Who Martha will be in three episodes of Torchwood before rejoining Doctor Who halfway through series four. There will be a new companion who will be in all of the thirteen episodes of series four.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Doctor Who

The Doctor Who series finale last night was the best ever!!!!

The Master's body may have been burned (he was shot by his wife and refused to regenerate so the Doctor burned his body) but someone/something picked up his ring which had markings on it like the ones on the Doctor's pocket watch so he will most likely be making an appearance in a later series. Also the Daleks will probably come back.

It was strange to see the Doctor looking really old (due to the Master's laser screwdriver which he programed to make the Doctor physically older). It was even stranger when the Master made the Doctor really physically old where the Doctor was literally a midget and had huge eyes and the Master made him live in a tent and a cage. They seemed to like showing the Doctor really aged in this series.....

It wasn't so strange to see the Doctor cry over the Master's death becuase he doesn't like being the only one of his species even though the Master is one of the Doctor's arch-enemies.

My favourite episode of this series (series three) would have to be "Blink" because it was the scariest Doctor Who episode ever and was very well written. Although there wasn't much of the Doctor in that episode that didn't make too much of a difference.

The next episode is the Christmas special which will be aired on Christmas day which is ages away!!!!! I hate all of this waiting around but by September the annoying waiting feeling will have hopefully disappeared.

I hope.

Friday, 29 June 2007

Auntie Who?

Auntie Miriam died on Wednesday in the night, in her sleep. Granny emailed me this morning (really early this morning because she is in Australia) and told me to tell mum because she thinks mum doesn't answer her emails. Actually she does but granny doesn't realise since we wiped the computer mum has lost lots of unread emails and contacts in her address book.

Oh well. Life goes on. She wasn't my aunt; either grannies or grandads sister on my mums side. I never really knew she existed until last summer when I met her on a boiling hot August day.....

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Penguins Are So Cute.

See what I mean?


Anyway, I remembered to go to work and I have to go again tomorrow but not to do any work.


My mum can't be bothered to drive me to Coventry University any more..... and I've already booked three places for the open day..... She is soooooo lazy.

I doubt that she will take me to look at Norwich (s.p?) University next Friday either but She will be at work so maybe I can get Becky's dad to take her and I there....

I must remember to go to work this evening.

Or I won't get paid.

Arh! I just ate my last mint... I never really liked them in the first place and now I know to only buy Fox's Garden Fruits although I can't tell the difference between the apple, pear or the gooseberry ones.

Two and a half days till the Doctor Who series finale. I can't wait!!!! Then no more Doctor Who until the Christmas special on Christmas day. I still have the song "Voodoo Child" stuck in my head from the previous Doctor Who episode.


Wednesday, 27 June 2007

First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog. You may find it interesting or not, but that's for you to decide. I do ramble on sometimes......

I'm at home on holiday while my brother and friends are at school and are green with jealousy (their fault for not choosing to go to college).

I've just remembered that I will be 18 in exactly three months!!!! Won't make much of a difference though as I will still be in college and then on to uni next year.